Complete Solutions in Tool Making
  • Complete Solutions
  • Dies, Moulds & Tooling

    High quality Plastic Injection Moulds

    – Standard plastic injection Moulds
    – Precision Moulds & Connector Moulds
    – Multi-cavity Moulds
    – Hot Runner Moulds
    – Insert-Moulds
    – Over-Moulds & 2K Moulds
    – Gas Assisted Moulds
    – Stack Moulds
    – Moulds for Chromed parts
    – Thermoset/Duroplast Mould


  • Al Die Casting Die

    Our capability includes:

    – Automotive
    – Two Wheelers
    – Gasoline Engine Parts
    – Others



Team Navitas

Navitas is a team of professional Toolmakers and Engineers, with several years of experience and expertise in assisting European, American and Asian enterprises to take advantage of “best-cost” manufacturing facilities in China.

Our Services

Navitas offers high quality plastic injection moulds and casting dies, with integrated capabilities in prototyping, tool making, tool optimization and part production services. We also manufacture a range of "customer-designed" OEM products through our network of qualified Joint-Venture facilities in China. Most of our customers belong to Automotive, Electronics & Electrical, Medical, Household Appliances, Office Automation, Packaging industry.

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Quality Assurance

​Navitas has a zero defect culture on any products supplied by the company. We have the necessary systems and controls in place to meet the highest quality standards as expected by our customers. Our long experience in the industry, lean practices and the usage of state-of-the-art equipment allows us to supply high quality tools and products at the “best cost” of ownership.
Quality Assurance